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Shandong Water Conservancy Construction Group Co., Ltd. Held Tsinghua University-Shandong Water Construction Enterprise Management Seminar


From July 5th to 8th, Shandong Water Conservancy Construction Group Co., Ltd. held a Tsinghua University-Shandong Water Construction Enterprise Management Seminar, which was attended by middle and senior leaders and relevant technical personnel.
Board Chairman and General Manager Jia Baoli gave a pep talk at the opening ceremony. He pointed out that, with the continuous development of the company, the increasing number of business sectors and the continuous expansion of the market sector, the requirements for the management level and the construction of the management and control system of the group were higher and higher. In addition, the national PPP projects had been carried out rapidly in recent years, and the group companies had also participated in the construction of PPP projects. Therefore, how to make better operation and management of the PPP projects had become an important issue for the company. This training was aimed at the current development needs of the company, so he asked everyone to combine work practice, learn with questions, and further improve the management ability.

The training content was divided into two parts: the management and control system construction of the Group and PPP project operation and management. The training teachers explained how the company conducts strategic control and PPP project operation through live cases, so that everyone can better understand and master it. During the training, the students had in-depth communication with the teachers on some problems they encountered in actual work.

This training would play a positive role in promoting the management level of the group and the operation capacity of PPP projects.

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